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essaygobuy.comFor all those looking for a decent custom writing company, here is my review of the one I frequently use –

Here, I am going to tell you what makes it different from other services and what could be improved to make them even more attractive to their customers.


  1. Quality

No matter what other services might claim, quality is always the main characteristic of a reliable company. By “quality” I mean delivery of non-plagiarized papers that comply with customer’s requirements. Just to be sure, I run a plagiarism check on every paper I receive, and so far they have never disappointed me with high scores. All the papers delivered by are well-written and researched pieces.

  1. Timeliness

In most cases, you don’t need a paper if it’s delivered late, right? makes it their primary goal to meet your deadline, and in 8 cases out of 10 they are ready a bit earlier than expected. As regards urgency levels, they’re no different than the rest. I’ve never tried ordering anything to be written in 3 hours, but I believe they’re able to do it.

  1. Customization

There is no such thing as a generic paper at Every time you order something, they ask you to specify its size, language requirements, difficulty level, and priority of the paper, as well as provide any additional commentary you might have. This way you can always make sure that the writers know what and how to write.

  1. Support

The support department is actually working 24/7. Taking into account that in most cases custom writing companies do not pick up their phones at all, a well-functioning support department available around the clock is a real miracle.

What could be improved

  1. The website

While those who vote for simplicity will no doubt like website, I would make it a bit more sophisticated. It just doesn’t correspond to the high level of quality they provide. In the age when everything is going online, no company can afford having an under-developed website.

  1. More payment options

Main payment methods are covered, but still there are some not connected to the network. As the company works for the international market, they should increase the range of payment options provided.

  1. Transparency of writer selection

It might be related to confidentiality matters, but the service does not disclose identities of their writers. It would be more convenient if a customer could choose a writer from a pool of resumes.


Despite a few minor fixes, is a reliable company that you can no doubt rely upon in solving your academic troubles.

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