3 criteria for the selection of a private school in England

  1. Location and infrastructure


When choosing a school, parents often pay attention to the distance to London. Some people like more distant school in the counties where the relaxed atmosphere makes it the most concentrate on their studies. Many are involved with the academic capital – Oxford, and the location of the school in her St. Clare’s College and St. Edward’s School. The success enjoyed school in Scotland – St. Leonard’s School in St Andrews and Fettes School in Edinburgh. The question is also relevant school property, if the child is engaged in a particular sport (e.g., football, tennis or horseback riding), and for this the school must have the necessary infrastructure – fields, tennis courts, stables.

  1. Day School or board

Many private schools in England offer both full-time education, or accommodation at the guesthouse. The question is relevant day school for parents who are planning to get an immigrant visa, and later – a residence permit and citizenship of UK. For these families a variety of options available – both in school and for accommodation, with many parents still choose boarding school (for 5 or 7 days per week). Pension – is an integral part of English culture, when a child learns, lives and spends his free time on school grounds.

Pension helps to quickly integrate into the British learning environment. In England, there are schools where all students live in the hostel, where there is only full-time education and mixed schools (where part of the students are in full-time education and part – on the B & B).

  1. School Atmosphere

Personal experience – this is probably the most subjective, and thus the most important criterion when choosing a school. Having the list of schools, parents and children come into the most exciting phase of selection – visiting campuses. At this point, it offers students employment, their mood and behavior – how they communicate, what shape are, how they live in the room and dinner in the dining room. Here, every family has the priorities, and it is important to choose your accommodation. Therefore, be sure to send in the summer program, because it is better to try once than hear a hundred times to explore the British schoolchildren.

Properly building a child’s educational path, you can bring it to the highest goals and unleash its potential as much as possible on a global scale.

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